Armin Strom – Skeleton Master

Oh how I love Armin Strom — the man and the brand!  Though I’ve never met “the man”, I have had the good fortune of meeting one of his watches — the Armin Strom Blue Chip Skeleton — talk about eternal love for a watch!  As for Armin Strom the man, well, I recently received this video from the folks over at Armin Strom (via Totally Worth It) and thought it was worth sharing.  It is a nice “start to finish” of a hand-skeletonized, hand-decorated Armin Strom Square watch (a white gold Ref. 77, I believe).  Also, my aforementioned video review of the Armin Strom Blue Chip Skeleton watch is also posted below for your viewing pleasure.

The Art of a Hand-Skeltonized, Hand-Decorated Armin Strom Watch (Video)

courtesy Armin Strom via TotallyWorthIt

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Armin Strom Blue Chip Skeleton Watch Review (Video)

full review with photos and commentary — HERE

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