Armin Strom Retires

Speaking of skeleton watches…

Of all the remarkable people in the watchmaking industry, Armin Strom is one of my most admired.   Among his many horological talents, Armin Strom is recognized as the father of the skeletonized watch.  He is also the namesake of the Armin Strom manufacture which was invigorated a few years back and which I think will serve as a fine legacy for Mr. Strom who is now retired, according to the FHH.

Congratulations on an amazing career and the legacy that will follow you, Mr. Strom.  The Armin Strom Blue Chip Skeleton Automatic Watch that I reviewed a few years ago gave me nothing but sheer delight — it was an honor to experience your work firsthand.

Mr. Armin Strom

Close-Up of Armin Strom Blue Chip Skeleton Automatic

my full review here

From the FHH:

Armin Strom, founder of the eponymous Biel manufactory, relinquished his role in running the business last September. Aged 73, the master craftsman continues however to provide enlightened advice to skeleton watchmakers and will take part in future events as a brand representative. He also remains a shareholder in the firm.

After half a century in the watch industry, Armin Strom can be proud of a unique career and an extraordinary track record in business. A visionary, he was one of the first people in Switzerland to dare to develop the skeleton watch. The removal of large parts of the movement to create a sense of a visual depth remains today a trademark of Armin Strom watches.