SIHH 2010: Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Memovox – A Timeless Classic Returns!

In what is sure to be one of the highlights of 2010, First In Watches is pleased to tell you all that it is now official:  Jaeger-Lecoultre is bringing back the Memovox.  For those of you not familiar with the original Memovox, it has the distinct and privileged honor of being the first wristwatch with an automatic movement with alarm function (enabled by the Jaeger-LeCoultre Caliber 815), achieved in 1956.  Prior to this achievement, Memovox first made its debut in 1950 (with a Jaeger-LeCoultre Caliber 489, sans alarm) and the model was maintained in production until 1968.  Since this time, production of the Memovox has been, well, dormant – but make no mistake it’s possession is today highly prized!

I’ll leave the rest of the history of this watch to those more knowledgeable than I – instead let me fast forward to 2010 and what the world will soon behold!  The 2010 Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Memovox is powered by a Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 956 (first introduced in 2008), a descendant of the Caliber 815, and delivering 45 hours power reserve.  Available in stainless steel or rose gold case – with a very well chosen case size of 40mm – this watch will fit nicely on the wrist.  The silver dial of the Memovox is punctuated by numerals marking the 6, 9 and 12 hours, while the 3 o’clock position gives way to the date.  Note the inner disk of the Memovox – the signature of the watch – marked with an arrow symbol to indicate the alarm time.

The 2010 Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Memovox

Limited to 750 pieces in Stainless Steel and 250 pieces in Rose Gold (pictured)

jaeger lecoultre master memovox Q1412430

  • Speedmaster

    Beautiful and a classic!!

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  • Ben

    A welcomed reintroduction if there ever was one. An absolute classic, and a watch that I will actually be looking for…might be my first “new” watch in a while.

    • Kyle S.

      Yea – this one will surely look amazing on the wrist.

  • Miguel Seabra

    It’s almost identical to my JLC Master Réveil from 10 years ago — with ‘Memovox’ instead of ‘Réveil’ on the rotating center subdial. Back then, the smaller ‘Memovox’ was hand-wound and co-existed in the collection with the 39mm automatic ‘Réveil’…

  • Filip Jacmans

    Miguel is right. I have the newest model of the “old” Memovox from the mid 1990’s…the Master Memovox was a 36mm diameter with display back and gorgious views on how the gong is suspended on the saphire-caseback while the hammer is attached to the movement. This was calibre 914 (handwound).
    Then they also had the “Reveil” which was an automatic alarm watch calibre 918, with date and a 39mm case.
    The sound on mine is not a high melodic one like on the newer Reveil or Compressors but nor is it a buzzer (like on the older Memovoxes) It makes me think of a schoolbell, not too high, not too low.
    An absolute beauty in classic “belle” horlogerie.
    And although it was made in the late 1990’s it has a timeless grand art-deco/1950’s geometric simplicity to it! I can’t wait to see how the new 40mm case is going to look….it is difficult to surpass a classic!

    But surely it is comforting to see that a house like Jeager-LeCoultre is bringing out classic and understated pieces…which are a breath of fresh air after those monsters on the market (created during the Thierry Nataf at Zenith and many others) era…

    Take a deep breath … grand classics are back!

  • Gabriel T.

    very classic watch

  • Maria Helena Fernandes

    Dear Sirs,

    I’ve got an Automatic Memovox.

    a) How can it be dated ?
    b) How much can I find out about its price ?

  • Maria Helena Fernandes

    You can send information vis e-mail.

  • Gabriel T.

    What’s the price in USD?

  • Gabriel T.

    deployed buckle strap?

  • Alexdlugi

    I have an old Memovox 568400, at least 50 years old if not older.. Hand wound with alarm. Can’t seem to find any info on this watch. Anyone know anything about this particular model.

  • Zurdo

    I Have a Jeager LeCultre Memovox 692700 18K Gold, it could be close to 50 years old. I wolud like to know its price or value

  • Rafael Canelon

    I have possesion of a Jaeger-LeCoultre Caliber Gold 18k, which belonged to my father since 1956; its in perfect conditions. I wonder what could be the price today of this watch.

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