Montblanc Timewriter II Bi Frequence 1,000
by Kyle Stults on January 16, 2012


Montblanc launches a special project in collaboration with a young watchmaker, every two years. The previous Timewriter, the Metamorphosis, really brought shockwaves to the watchmaking industry.   This year’s new Timewriter II Bi-Frequence 1,000 (a mouth full) is equally astonishing. It records times up to 1/1,000 th of a second!  We know that TAG Heuer showed a prototype that was capable to record as precise as 1/1,000th of a second as well, but its chronograph had a power reserve of only a minute or so.   What Montblanc shows is a working prototype with a power reserve of 45 minute, yes forty five minutes, and it’s based on an entirely different technical approach.

More to come…

Montblanc Timewriter II Bi Frequence 1,000