Geneva Time Exhibition 2010: Independent Watchmaker Showcase

Geneva Time Exhibition Will Showcase 38 Independent Watch Brands

Many of you are eagerly awaiting the upcoming Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie 2010 in Geneva, better known as SIHH 2010, and of course your dedicated team here at Perpetuelle will be bringing you all the action on our SIHH 2010 forum so be sure to check in early and often!  But did you know that there is another equally exciting luxury watch event ocurring at the same time this year?  It is called the Geneva Time Exhibition.  Unlike the SIHH which is comprised mostly of well established, well known brands under the Richemont group umbrella, the Geneva Time Exhibition was created for independent watch brands.  In fact, there will be 38 watch brands at this year’s inaugural event!


I am quite excited for this event and the exposure that it will offer the many independent watchmakers who will be there.  In my experience, many of these smaller, independent brands lack the human and financial capital to “get the word out” about their brands.  This is a real challenge facing any independent watch brand because as we know marketing is key to the success of any watch brand, and so I really am excited that the organizers of the event, Florence Noël, Paola Orlando and Dominique Franchino of Time Exhibitions Sàrl, were able to bring it all together with such a large group of indepdenent brands.  Hopefully the visitors (be they retailers, distributors, individual watch enthusiasts or others) will now do their part and turn up as well to see what the event has to offer them!

Although I have received communications from some of the brands who will be at the Geneva Time Exhibition, I have not heard from many, and I have not seen much mention of this event on any of the many other watch blogs either.  Makes me wonder if they missed a crucial and low-cost opportunity to get the word out about their show!  This is understandable given that it is the first year for the event, but hopefully in future years they will be able to continue to broadent their outreach to the online watch blogs and communities such as and others.  That said, Team Perpetuelle will do our best to share with you the many new watches unveileved at the inaugural Geneva Time Exhibition.

Some of the brands at this show you may have heard of – perhaps because I have written about them on here on this blog  (Linde Werdelin & Ateliers de Monaco just to name 2) or perhaps elseshwere.  But my guess is that most the brands you may be new to you, and my view on this is that it is always a fun prospect to learn about new and exciting brands so receive these brands with arms and eyes wide open!  Here is a snapshot of all the brands that will be on display and that you may be seeing and learning more about here on this blog in the weeks to come:


You can read and see more about the Geneva Time Exhibition here on their website.

  • James

    GTE has some heavy hitters as far as IWB goes. I know Badollet only make bespoke watches (my kind of brand!) but with price tags in the $100k range, if I remember correctly.

    It would be fantastic to go to SIHH, GTE and Basel. Would that be enough watch attention for ya? LOL

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