Shop: Tourbillon Pens by TF 1968

Tourbillon Pens have arrived!  I am so excited to be able to offer this amazing luxury item to you.  These incredible pens are from TF 1968 of Geneva, the same manufacturer of the Tourbillon and Moonphase cufflinks we recently started selling.   The ‘Tourbillon’ pens have over 58 components with a 45° movement inclination and a weight of 19 grams.  Each pen is delivered with a very impressive Havana-color box and leather carrying pouch (pictured below).  The pens are available in six variations — including those matching the cufflinks, if you would like to have a truly special set of accessories! All models are backed by a 2 year international warranty.  Priced from $930.

Please click through any one of the images below to order your Tourbillon Pen by TF est. 1968 — we do get collect a portion of each sale, so please use our click-thru links (thanks!). 

Thank you for your business and enjoy these pens!

Tourbillon Pens, by TF 1968

individually numbered with box and leather pouch; air-tight, water-tight and shock resistant

Design-wise, the lack of conventional stem accentuates the functional aspect of the piece, preventing it from rotating on its own axis

Hands on Video

Black Resin

Stainless Steel with Palladium


Stainless Steel with Palladium / Carbon Fiber top

Yellow Gold (plated)


Rose Gold (plated)


Rose Gold (plated) / Carbon Fiber top