Corum Ti Bridge Power Reserve for Only Watch 2013

Corum Ti Bridge for Only Watch 2013

Corum Ti Bridge Case Engraving for Only Watch 2013

This unique piece by Corum has a titanium case with red gold inserts on the side which are hand engraved to depict Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine, and the serpent twined around his staff that has become the symbol of medicine and thus an appropriate choice for the cause of Only Watch.   The engravings are of course done by hand.  The applied Corum logo and hour-markers are gilded, as are the hours and minutes hands and the power-reserve indicator, thereby creating a contrast with the anthracite grey dial.  The watch is powered by Corum’s famous (and patented)  horizontal inline baguette movement which is held in place by four cross-bars (the angled pieces you see on the dial-side).  The Corum Caliber CO107 displays the hours and minutes as well as a linear-type power-reserve indication (3 days, noted vertically on the right side of the case as “high” to “low”).

Corum Ti Bridge for Only Watch 2013 - Case Engraving

Corum Ti Bridge Caseback for Only Watch 2013

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