Ateliers deMonaco Grand Tourbillon XP Carré d’Or in White Gold

I first brought Ateliers deMonaco to your attention in May (Made In Monaco: A New, Independent Luxury Watchmaker Arrives) as “a brand with great promise.”  The brand’s first release, the Carré d’Or, was manufactured with a patented tourbillon, a Jochen Benziger-engraved gold rotor, silicum escape wheel, and a sculpted sapphire tourbillon bridge.  And this was just a partial list of the many wonderful features of the first watch from the new brand.

Now, Ateliers de Monaco has announced Grand Tourbillon XP Carré d’Or in White Gold.  The press photos released by the company are impressive.  The white gold case and matching titanium-tinted dial of the Grand Tourbillon XP Carré d’Or make for a wonderful visual combination (much moreso than the original Carré d’Or, in my view) .  And if you look closely (see photo below) – courtesy of the see-through sapphire bridge – you can see a harmonious visual combination of the tourbillon, the blue silicum escape wheel, and the back of the engraved solid gold rotor and the  blue screws .


dMc-TB-RC-GN_Front - Copy


Only 18 pieces will be made, so it is an exclusive timepiece for sure, and the price will likely be well into the 5-digit range.  If this is not exclusive enough for your tastes (and checkbook), you can always bid on the one-of-a-kind watch that the brand has donated to the upcoming “Only Watch” event!  I look forward to more from Ateliers deMonaco.

Carré d’OrCarré d’Or