Update: Hublot King Power Oceanographic 1000 Dive Watch Launched!

UPDATE:  Finally!  Twitter Friends inform me that the watch was officially launched last week at the London Hublot Boutique.  Price is 17,000 GBP, or about $27,000 USD at current f/x.

Hublot has been oddly quiet about their new King Power Oceanographic 1000 Dive Watch (“little” brother of the Oceanographic 4000m divers).   The watch was first spied earlier this year at Baselworld 2012 as Perpetuelle brought you a first look earlier this year as well as some live photos courtesy of Dive (into) Watches (Roger Ruegger) who did a fantastic review of the watchBut it still has not been officially announced!  But there are signs of activity…Hublot has just posted this short video of the watch on its YouTube channel — perhaps official launch is near?

Hublot King Power Oceanographic 1000 Dive Watch (Video)

  • goju1

    So, what makes it tick? Valjoux 7750? (Seems to be a chronograph of sorts).
    Is the yellow hand a depth marker? Up to 30m – makes sense for recreational SCUBA.

    • http://www.perpetuelle.com/ Perpetuelle

      Good question — Hublot does a good job of *not* disclosing what it uses for its non-UNICO calibers. But I will find out and report back for you.
      The yellow hand is a dive timer — 30mins.

  • speedwing

    Kyle if you like I can send pictures of the new Hublot 1000M as well as the original King Power 4000M as I own both of them. Let me know and an email address where I can send to.