Unboxing: Hublot Oceanographic 1000m Dive Watch (Hands On Pics)

For your enjoyment, here are several hands on photos of the new Hublot Oceanographic 1000m dive watch.  Also included are some side-by-side shots with the Hublot Oceanographic 4000m dive watch.  These photos were submitted by a lucky owner of both pieces who lives in Canada.  Of course he is also a huge Perpetuelle fan :-)  I really appreciate that he reached out to me to share these great photos; it is always great to be able to share in the pleasure and experience of watches such as these.   If you have new and exciting watches you would like to share, please feel free to email me at kyle [at] perpetuelle.com.

Also below don’t miss the comments on the “quick-change strap system” which some of you have asked about!

Now, on that quick-change strap system (it’s the “triangle” button):  the owner notes that he is not a diver but that the quick-change strap system is handy.  He describes it has having high tension meaning that it springs right back to place when the strap is changed, and that the mechanism is designed to ensure that you don’t accidentally push down on the release by accident (i.e. it has to be forceful, in the middle of the mechanism, and sustained).

  • Erik

    love the oceanographic series from Hublot. A colleauge of mine has the 4000m. incredible timepiece.

  • goju1

    Lucky man! I would like to add both models to my collection…