Perrelet Turbines for 2012

Not long ago I criticized Perrelet for its tasteless string of new “turbine” watches.  Having reflected more on the topic – and now seeing some of the new models Perrelet has for 2012 — it appears to me that Perrelet at some point decided to make a big, strategic bet that the “turbine” concept has real staying power.  It does not.  For a brand whose slogans include “Since 1777” and “Inventor of the Automatic Watch” to stake its modern day claim to fame on a turbine design is disheartening, at least to me.   In short, I see Perrelet as a brand that has lost its way, without a strong and choesive design theme or an overarching brand identity.  Just hoping that the mighty turbine will resurrect its fortunes.  It’s too bad, really — the brand has such an interesting heritage.  As you can guess, I am hoping that the best of Perrelet 2012 — sans turbine — is yet to be revealed.

Below, a sneak peak at a couple new Perrelet turbine variations coming in 2012.  Yes, the Turbine Dive Watch is somewhat intriguing, but in the broader context of the turbine collection, its novelty has already been highly diminished.  As well, the Perrelet Turbine XL — which came to life last year in garish colors (green, orange) and an equally garish size (50mm) — is being recast in 2012 in a rose gold case.  Guess what — it’s still garish, and with a 50mm case we are talking a lot of red gold — so ready your wallets to shell out 25,000 EUR for one of the 77 pieces that will be made.

Perrelet Turbine Diver (spy shot)

specifications presently unknown

Perrelet Turbine XL

50mm rose gold case