OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono Cal.9300/9301

The new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronographs are among the best new watches to be announced for 2011.  Like the 2011 Omega Speedmaster I wrote about earlier, the new Omega Seamster Planet Ocean features Omega’s new Co-Axial Caliber 9300 movement (itself the first in-house Omega Caliber to feature a chronograph function).  I like the 45.5mm case size (smaller wrists can often wear this watch) and the orange “PloProf” (diver-style) mini-chronograph hand on the 3’oclock sub-dial is really a great touch.  As well, the watch boasts the usual Planet Ocean diver features including 600 meter water resistance rating, unidrectional rotating bezel, helium escape valve — all of the high quality divers we have come to expect from Omega.  The new Caliber 9300 chronos are available in the variations shown below, black ceramic or orange bezel insert.  Available Fall 2011.

OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono Cal.9300/9301

black bezel

OMEGA Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono Cal.9300/9301

orange bezel

“Theme Shot”

  • GoJu

    Nice but I would want the liquid metal bezel too!
    I agree with your comment about the orange hand on the mini-chronograph. It looks quite stunning and also it looks like a second time zone feature (i.e. GMT function) but is obviously a combination of the hour and minute dials.
    For the first time, I like the orange bezel but I guess liquid metal only comes in black?
    It’s a great layout with two sub-dials but I still like my chrono with 3.

    Ciao – Go Ju

  • Anonymous

    The all new Planet Ocean…fall 2011, comes with a ceramic bezel

  • Atl3630

    Incredible.  Beautifully done.

    • Larsoystese

      I had for a few days…… And I love it.. It’s subtile and very strong in i’s apperance at once…..

      • Perpetuelle

        @larsoystese awesome! Congrats on owing this great watch

  • Chronoman

    I took a decision never to buy a chronograph again that measures time in 30 minute chunks. Lucky for me a few brands have come to the party: Sinn, Chopard, Mont Blanc. I hope this is the beginning of a trend. In the absence of the Lemania 5100, 1340/1 movements watch enthusiasts need chronographs that measures and displays time realistically. 

  • ppion

    halo! could somebody tell me what the two screens at the edges of the watch are? I what is the left one and what is the right one?

  • goju1

    Assuming that you are referring to the chronograph dials…
    The left one shows the seconds running during normal operation of the watch.
    The right one shows minutes and hours for the stop watch function.
    When the operator (watch owner) presses the top pusher the large second hand (the one with the red tip) starts to run – timing the number of seconds.
    After one revolution of the large second hand, the orange minute hand in the right hand dial moves one increment to count the minutes. When the orange hand completes one full revolution (one hour has passed), the small white hand on the right hand dial moves one increment.
    Therefore, once the stopwatch function has been started it can display timing for up to 12 hours. Well, of course the stopwatch will continue to run until it is stopped (by pressing the top pusher again) but the operator would have to note that 12 hours have passed because the watch will only ‘record’ up to 12 hours.
    Hope that answers your question.
    This version of the Seamaster chronograph with two dials and an in-house movement is an excellent watch and is (probably) unsurpassable in terms of accuracy and robustness. Best bang for your buck!
    You should buy one!
    p.s. Depressing the bottom pusher resets the big seconds hand and the right dial hands to ‘zero’.