Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Moon Watches

A “new moon” will be on display at the Geneva Time Exhibition (GTE) between January 22 and 25, 2013 (concurrent with SIHH 2013).  These two new, limited edition pieces from Linde Werdelin are the first of their kind since the introduction of the original Oktopus Moon back in early 2010 (see our in-depth report here), and they look fantastic.  The moonphase by LW is, for me, one of the most significant and defining elements of the creative and bold brand and I am glad to see in these pieces that the Linde Werdelin duo has brought their superb complication in-house and into the updated Okto II line.   I will also add that this is hands-down my favorite piece by LW (save for some of the older Svend Andersen pieces) — nicely done guys.

Lots more looks and details — as well a Perpetuelle exclusive “side-by-side” with the original Okto moon — below.

The case is based on the updated Oktopus II model launched at Basel 2012.  Take note that the original Okto Moon (a limited edition of 29 pieces) was water resistant to 888 meters, versus the new Okto II design which comes in at 300 meters.  A minor point I would say and yes 300m is still plenty for any diver, though I do miss the greater implied robustness of the original Okto when it comes to the depth rating.

More importantly, and as mentioned above, for these new models the LW team adeptly took on the challenge of bringing the photorealistic moonphase complication in-house, unlike the original Okto Moon.  Which makes this the first complication entirely conceived, developed and produced in-house by Linde Werdelin — a nice milestone for the young brand.  As a reminder, the original photorealistic moonphase was done by the great Svend Andersen (nostalgia!!).

As one lunar cycle takes 29-and-a-half days to complete, two series of Oktopus II Moon come in an exclusive collection of 59 pieces (equivalent day total of two lunar cycles).  The two pieces are numbered in sequence — that is, numbered editions 1 to 12 are the Oktopus II Moon Gold, and 13 to 59 are the Oktopus II Moon Black.

The Oktopus II Moon Gold, price $30,300 (buy it here), features a rose gold and titanium DLC case with ceramic bezel.

The Oktopus II Moon Black, price $13,800 (buy it here), features a full DLC titanium case with  a ceramic bezel and  striking blue detailing on the dial.

Click through above for full details on each piece, or visit here.