Hublot Oceanographic 1000m Dive Watch
by Kyle Stults on April 03, 2012

First look…

Here is an *unofficial* first look at a new dive watch from Hublot, the Hublot Oceanographic 1000m diver.  This model was previewed by Hublot in Basel, Switzerland last month — but on the whole it was kept off radar.  But I am fairly confident it will be officially announced sometime soon.  Anyway…it is a more “mainstream” version of the impressive Oceanographic 4000m dive watch (additional 4000m looks HERE, and the “carbon fiber Oceanographic HERE)  that Hublot launched at Baselworld 2011 (March 2011).  Full specs are not yet released, but here’s what I know:  case is 48mm titanium, water resistance rating is (obviously) 1000 meters, and lastly you can see it is a chronograph — operable under water (not so obvious).  The fact that it is a chronograph explains why the crown for the inner rotating bezel is on the top-left of the watch — unlike the Oceanographic 4000 meter watches, which were not chronographs.  I like where Hublot is headed with the Oceanographic line — distinct look, impressive specs — I just hope that they don’t water it down with myriad one-off limited editions like they do with the Big Bang and King Power.

Hublot Oceanographic 1000m Dive Watch

48mm titanium case, 1000 meter/3300 feet water resistance, inner rotating bezel, chronograph

Movement is automatic mechanical HUB4160 with black PVD tungsten open-worked rotor(4z/42hrs power reserve).  The movement is not Hublot manufacture so far as I know but I am not sure of the base (Hublot uses Dubois Depraz, Frederic Piguet and ETA as base movements in other pieces).

The strap mechanism also is interesting — all required is to push/depress the triangle button on the case and the movement is inserted/removed — assuming the fit is secure (and I have every reason to assume so), this is a great innovation.