Heuer 844 Monnin: A Heuer Made In France

The Heuer 844 Monnin is the first dedicated dive watch from Heuer.  So says Heuerville, a new blog I discovered today (via another good dive watch blog, Dive (into) Watches).  And what a looker this Heuer 844 Monnin watch is, from the personal collection of the man behind Heuerville — who has given us a thorough recap of the story behind the Heuer Monnin dive watch.  Here’s how the story starts:

Back in the mid-late 70’s, Heuer received numerous requests at various trade shows for a (moderately) affordable high quality divers watch. Heuer took note, and saw an opportunity – something welcomed during the quartz crisis, when many Swiss watch companies were disappearing down the pan. Heuer too were in trouble, so they decided to dip their toe into the divers market. Not really knowing how they would sell, Heuer outsourced prototype production to G. Monnin in France….and the rest, as they say, is history.

Heuer Fans — you absolutely must click through and read the full story on the Heuer 844 Monnin and see all of this guy’s amazing pics.  And a final thought — I am humbled and reminded as to why I rarely write about vintage watches here at Perpetuelle — the knowledge base of vintage-oriented blogs like Heuerville (and Calibre 11) is truly impressive.

Heuer 844 Monnin

circa 1979, restored

42mm steel case, automatic mechanical Felsa FE 4611A movement

Note the French spelling of ‘Professionel’ and ‘Made in France’ script:

  • Poseidon-Jim

    Good read here Kyle,
    Enjoyed finding your blog and seeing your love for rare fine vintage Swiss Dive watches. Yes, Heuerville did a wonderful article and his is the most pristine example I’ve ever seen out of the few examples posted over the years.


    • http://www.perpetuelle.com/ Perpetuelle

      Hi @9022921a3420f7878a59166dbfcd35ab:disqus thanks for the kind words and I hope you will come back again to share in our mutual appreciation for fine timepieces!
      Kyle, Editor

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcelo.carrica Marcelo Carrica

    please I have a Heuer 844 # 9493 (french made), crystal broken , wondering how much worth…??? please asap