Battle for the North Sea: Rolex vs. Oris

Advantage? You decide (leave a comment below)

Check it out – a Rolex DEEPSEA, and the new Oris ProDiver, both at work in the North Sea! I am pretty sure these are two separate occasions, or else we might have seen the clash of these 2 titans unfold before our very eyes :-)

First, here is a video of what purports to be “The First Rolex deepsea to undergo an operational commercial saturation dive. 2000 hrs gmt 25 Nov 2008 from dive support vessel Technip Wellservicer working for British Petroleum. Working depth 125 Meters North Sea”  WARNING: aside from having a Rolex DEEPSEA in it, this movie is extremely boring. Even the footage in which the diver shows off his Rolex (I think that is an official “Rolex #1” diver’s hand signal, right?) is rather lackluster – so just watch between minutes 1:00 and 2:00 – And use your imagination people, this is the North Sea they’re in!

Next we have the new Oris Pro Diver, as worn by Oris “Ambassador” (a perfectly fitting description of this rugged looking fellow) Roman Frischknecht. In these few pictures, Roman is 200km of the north east coast of Scotland – in the 10 degree North Sea – at work as an underwater welder. You can see the massive size of the ProDiver -51mm- but it is probably surprisingly light as it is made of Titanium metal.




There is also a video by Oris – a bit more interesting than the Rolex production above, but you’ll have to visit the Oris website to view it (click here to watch).

Tale of the Tape

Rolex DEEPSEA Oris ProDiver
Case:  43mm 904L steel

Water resistance:  3,900 meters

Case: 51mm Titanium case

Water resistance: 1,000 meters



  • Kyle S.

    For the record: (Big) Advantage Rolex!

  • James

    Nice that Oris gave Omega the day off in the “Never Ending Battle”. LOL

    p.s. The Rolex is waterproof to 3,900m.

    • Kyle S.

      James – I revised the table to 3,900m – Thanks!

      • James

        Anytime buddy. :)

  • Portholepaul

    If you go 3,900m its DASVIDANNIA my friend .

  • cgsiluk

    1000m is more then any of you will ever dive–oris i think wins here, and has a chrono….

  • Nighthawk

    This is purely an advertisement video. I am a commercial Diver-Medic and a Navy Diver. NO-ONE wears a watch on professional dive operations. It is considered an insult to the industry and to Topside. We don’t wear watches or pressure gauges. Leave that for the untrained Padi Tech divers. No watch can be as accurate as a pressure hose blow from Topside. But we all wear Rolex after the dive is over.

  • guest

    I own a Rolex Sea Dweller and a Oris Small Seconds Diver 1000M. I love the Rolex to death, but in regards to cost vs. quality you can’t beat the Oris. That being said the resale value and regard through out the industry is much higher for the Rolex. In todays economy and functionaly I would choose an Oris or two every time. If cost was no object or I wanted something to pass down to my kids, I would go with the Rolex.

    • Perpetuelle

      @c723c067a3a4bd1117aa221fc985c56c:disqus  thanks for sharing your insights!
      Kyle, Editor

      • Richierichmiyoko

        I own the rolex sub two tone blue dial and rolex daytona .Looking for a nice diver so I did go with the oris pro diver Over rolex deep sea