Baselworld 2010: Tissot Seastar 1000

Seastar collection returns after 2-3 year absence…

It is now *official* that Tissot (a Swatch Group brand) is bringing back its Seastar line in 2010, starting with the Seastar 1000 you see below.  As best I can tell it was sometime in mid-2007 that the Seastar line was discontinued by Tissot, thus its return after just 3 years is certainly interesting!  This is what I would consider to be an “entry level” dive watch in the higher-end/luxury segment (but calling Tissot a luxury brand is perhaps too generous), and it is worth a look if you are a Tissot fan.  As noted on the dial, the new Seastar 1000 is water resistant to a respectable 1000 feet (300 meters) and is powered by an automatic movement.  Curiously, this watch seems to be lacking a couple key features common on functional dive watches including a luminous second hand and bezel (as was astutely pointed out by dive-watch blogger Roger Ruegger) – whether or not this will detract from its perceived value is to be seen.  I’m not sure what the price might be, but I will venture a guess that a price of $750 might be in the ballpark.

Given this is my first post about Tissot (if you don’t count this Danica Patrick shout out), I’d be curious to hear your feedback.  Are you interested in this brand and would you like me to cover it more?  Or do you prefer my primary focus on the higher-end/elite  independent watchmakers/watch brands?

  • Gert Abildgaard

    Please,cover TISSOT.Its a wonderfull brand and i have got several of them.Its not all who can afford the “big” watches.Abd TISSOT is absolutely great value for money.Best regards.Gert

    • Kyle

      Guess I do have some Tissot fans here! thanks for your comment.

  • Harry Bishop

    Hi Kyle – I certainly would not mind seeing more posts on offerings you find of interest from these and other “tier B” European brands. Names like Tissot, Oris, Certina and the like have a mixed bag of offerings, but then again we can say the same about many of the prestige brands also. Tissot is owned by Swatch Group so it can perhaps be considered a poor sibling of Blancpain and Omega.

    Although on a general level a lot of their offerings can be ho-hum, I find it interesting to read about specific watches people find and like from these smaller names, since they are not nearly as widely covered as the big boys, and you can make some interesting and unique finds with some of these brands, both vintage and new.

    Cheers from (getting warmer as spring previews it’s arrival) Canada

    • Kyle

      Harry – hi! thanks for popping in with a comment. I think your point that you enjoy reading about interesting watches from the lesser known/smaller brands makes perfect sense. To me, many of these Tier 2 brands/watches just aren’t worth writing about, to be perfectly honest. But for something like a re-issue, etc. or if there is a particularly interesting story behind the watch – well, then I think such a watch may deserve an article. I’ll do my best!
      Cheers to you-

  • arrais

    please, cover tissot…as the friend above said its a great value for the money as the caliber is an eta present in many wacthes that r more expensive…

    This new seastar looks good…

  • Doug

    Actually, Tissot seems to be dipping into their historic DNA–much like stablemate Longines–with some of their recent offerings. They may be priced well below those timepieces that normally receive the most applause, but it’s hard to argue that the upcoming Visodate 1957 and last year’s Heritage Officer’s Chrono aren’t fantastic looking watches.

    The new Seastar… Not so much to my eyes.


  • Rod

    I have the last generation Seastar 1000 with the rubber strap, IMHO is a much better looking and functional watch than the latest model. Value is tremendous!

    • Kyle

      Thanks for sharing! I am not familiar with the older generation. Feel free to post a picture on the forum I would love to see your watch.

  • Gunnar

    I have the Tissot seastar 1000 and it is a great watch.
    Very strong built.
    Only negativ thing is the luminus on the dial that is a litle bit weak in glowing.
    And the crown that is a bit hard to handle when tighten.
    And the index on the bezel could have the luminus too.
    Sorry for my bad english
    From Sweden.

    • Kyle

      Hi Gunnar — thanks for your comment! I am glad to hear that you like your Seastar 1000. Thanks for reading our blog!

      • Gunnar

        Hi agan and thank you Kyle.
        I have to say first: My Tissot seastar 1000 is the older one, last generation, so there wil be no mistake. And when I say that the lum is a bit weak I ment to say that the lum itself is ok but Tissot could have painted the whole markings on the dial. And the sam with the hands. The saphirglas on it is wery strong. The new Tissot seastar seem tho have weker luggs then the old one? But thos hole troghout the luggs is god. The old one is a bit tricky when changing band for the Wrist.
        But one funny thing with my watch is that it goes better then my Rolex Daytona (the movment).
        And in Sweden we have hard vinters (COLD. From 20 upp to near 50 minus this winter) and summer can be warm (20-30 plus). But my Tissot has no problem with that. “But the Rolex seem to have”.
        The ETA 2824 movment is wery trustable
        Just like a Catepillar it goes and goes.
        From Sweden

        • Gunnar

          Lock out for bad copies
          There is thous Tissot seastar 1000 replicas.
          One example…..
          Go tho the site: LeLong my

  • Luiz

    “And in Sweden we have hard vinters (COLD. From 20 upp to near 50 minus this winter) and summer can be warm (20-30 plus). But my Tissot has no problem with that. “But the Rolex seem to have”.

    Really? I have a Sea Dweller (2006) and I’m buying a Tissot Seastar 1000, one of the most beautiful subs ever designed. What’s the trouble with the Rolexes?

  • Gunnar

    I don´t know. It stopt working when it was so cold. And then it starded agan after some time?

    • Luiz

      Well, it seems that the oil froze in the caliber…

  • Gunnar

    Yes I tink so to

  • Ron B

    I own the older version of the Tissot SeaStar 1000.
    I own many, many watches as I have collected watches for over 45 years.
    I find this Tissot to be a great value for the money spent.
    Many watches cost more but they simply do not deliver the value that this watch represents.
    All watches offer something to someone. However, more expensive does not always mean BETTER.
    This watch is well built, has a great movement and looks good on the wrist. It will not cost a fortune to have it cleaned and oiled. Some brands that I own cost as much to have them serviced as the watch cost when it was new. Call and ask how much it cost to have your “R” cleaned and you will see what I refer to.
    This watch is very well built and offers quality in workmanship. The band isn’t too heavy and fits well. The blue face on mine is easily read.
    Few dive watches ever see the water. People mostly purchase them just for the look they represent. However, this watch can be worn in the water without any problems. Many so called highend watches are only 50M water resistant and simply will not stand up to even a shallow dive.
    Any watch no matter the cost or brand name is subject to likes and dislikes. Let’s face it, some watches are just out of line when it comes to the cost vs value.
    Although I have some of the so called high end watches in my collection, my Tissot SeaStar 1000 is one of my favorites.

    • Perpetuelle

      Thanks for sharing your comments and experiences with your Tissot watch!

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