Audemars Piguet Triple Calendar Chronograph Moon Phase No. 45589

Audemars Piguet Yellow Gold Triple Calendar Chronograph Moon Phase No 45589 Made 1941

This Audemars Piguet Yellow Gold Triple Calendar Chronograph Moon Phase No 45589 was made in 1941 and sold in 1942.   To say that it is a goregous and highly desirable watch would be quite an understatement, in my opinion.

As one of only 286 chronographs made by AP between 1930 and 1950 (see Did You Know? below for more on this), the 45589 is among the rarest and most desirable models that combines the chronograph complication with complete calendar and phases of the moon.  [Read more…]

Breguet Acquires Rare Quarter Repeater Pocketwatch at Auction

Breguet Logo

Breguet 1135 at Christe's auction - November 2014

While most of the attention in the auction market last week went to the $24 million Patek “Graves Supercomplication”, there were a couple of neat Breguet pocket watches that sold last week at the Christie’s “Important Watches” auction in Geneva last Monday (November 10th, 2014).  Both pieces were acquired by Marc A. Hayek (President and CEO of Breguet) on behalf of the house of Breguet.  Most notable among the two historic gold pocket watches is this rare quarter repeating watch equipped with the first free escapement with natural lift ever made by Breguet.  The Breguet N° 1135 (circa 1806) sold for a tidy sum of 605,000 Swiss Frances, or about $630,000, including premiums.  This piece, in the present owner’s collection since 1983, fetched more than 2x its pre-auction estimate.  As a fan of Montres Breguet (in fact the name of this blog was directly inspired by A.L. Breguet’s perpétuelles of the late 1700s), the No. 1135 strikes me (sorry for the pun) as a particularly noteworthy piece and a wonderful example of the talent of A.L. Breguet.

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Why Collecting Vintage Rolex Is Not for Me

Rolex dials collage by RPR

The market for “vintage” Rolex is the largest and most sophisticated secondary watch market there is, I think it is safe to say.  But collecting vintage Rolex is not for me — and this article over at (RPR) Rolex Passion Report recently reminded me why.  Though I can appreciate a good quality Rolex, the very serious and big-money world of vintage Rolex collecting will always be an arm’s length interest for me.

The gent who runs RPR is one of the most savvy and knowledgeable vintage Rolex experts out there today.  Spend a little time on his excellent website (I very much enjoy his blog articles) and you will start to comprehend the level of sophistication that is required to simply ascertain whether or not a particular vintage Rolex is the “real deal” or not.   It’s astonishing.  Own a geiger counter?  It’s a must have!

This said, if collecting vintage Rolex is your thing, you would be well served educating yourself over at RPR, starting with the aforementioned article….Be Aware:  High Quality Fake Vintage Rolex Dials!  Happy and safe collecting!

image:  RPR