Zenith Stratos Flyback Watches

It’s time to put a Zenith on your wrist…

The hot new pieces from Zenith in 2011 are the Zenith El-Primero Stratos Flybacks.  Consiting of the Stratos Flyback, the Stratos Flyback Striking 1/10th, and the Stratos Flyback Johan Nilson special edition, the watches feature a tough black ceramic bezel and what I would describe as a nice blend of “rugged”  “adventure” and “military” looks.  The case is 45.5 mm diameter, avail. in a variety of metals, and with Zenith’s El-Primero 4057B caliber (precise to 1/10th of a second) or the simpler El-Primero 405B column-wheel chronograph movement.  Personally I’d go for the Stratos Flyback with the black “Alchron” steel case (Alchron is similar to a DLC finish).  Prices for the Zenith Stratos Flybacks start at around $10,000.  The special edition done in partnership with Explorer John Nilson (also picutred below) looks particularly awesome.  Nicely done, Zenith, nicely done!

Zenith Stratos Flyback

Alchron coated-steel case

Steel and Red Gold/Alchron Cases

Zenith Stratos Flyback Johan Nilson Pole2Pole Special Edition

black Alchron-coated steel case, special subdial – limited edition of 500

Zenith Stratos Flyback Striking 1/10th

I’ll wrap this up with a few more thoughts on Zenith in general.  I started covering Zenith at Baselworld 2010, when it introduced some fantastic new watches such as the El-Primero Striking 1/10th watch and the Ultra Thin 681.    Introduced under the guidance of CEO Jean-Frédéric Dufour, these watches (among others) marked the beginnings of  Zenith’s very wise move back to its heritage and playing to its technical capabilities such as that exemplified in the legendary El-Primero movement.  Just a couple years into this move back to its roots, Zenith continues to show us that it is 100% focused on becoming a real powerhouse in the industry.  In summary, I think that Zenith is really on the up-and-up right now, and I think that the time is now right to look at putting a Zenith on your wrist, or at adding one to your collection.

  • http://skx007.com Dan

    It’s a pretty busy watch so I like it best in Stainless Steel. It’s a nice looking piece but like I said, it’s busy and between all the detail and the croc strap juxtaposed with a military / diver design – it’s a bit much for me but I can definitely see the appeal to this piece. 

    • http://www.perpetuelle.com Perpetuelle

      Fair critique. 

       I should have noted that it is also available on a metal bracelet, which is more practical than the croc, but still a fair critique you present.

  • Tom Kent

    I agree with Dan, the red-gold doesn’t work for me, either. Not with the croc strap, anyway. Maybe with a metal bracelet with some design consistency.