Update: Rolex 216570 Orange Hand Explorer II

Rolex 216570. Rolex 216570. Rolex 216570….

Just a quick post to set the record straight — and correct my dopey self — the new orange hand Rolex Explorer II is Ref 216570, not Ref 216670 as I erroneously stated in a couple of my earlier posts (since updated).  One note to add – as of this time, the Rolex 216570 price has not been set but it will be based off the Swiss MSRP of $7400 — so you have a ballpark range to start saving for!

As an aside, if the Rolex Ref 216670 becomes mysterious and/or famous, you’ll know it was me :-(

  • http://pretenseofknowledge.com/ speedmaster

    That thing is a stunner, love it!

  • christian

    Do you have any idea on the price of this magnificent piece? regards.

    • http://www.perpetuelle.com Perpetuelle

      It is my understanding that the Rolex 216570 price has not been set but it will be based off the Swiss MSRP of $7400. So that’s “ballpark” price for you.

  • christian

    Hello Kyle,

    Sorry, just another question about this new pieces from Rolex. The Explorer II i mean.

    Do you have an estimation on when this pieces are going to hit american stores?

    september maybe or until the next year perhaps?

    best regards

    Mexico City

    • http://www.perpetuelle.com Perpetuelle

      Hi Christian,
      Hey no problem with the questions — that is what I am here for…I love to talk watches anytime! Unfortunately I do not know the precise release date, but I think August-September would be my best guess. Definitely this year, though!
      Will you be looking to buy one?

      • Christian

        Yes! I was considering the Explorer I, the new one in 39mm, but then the rumors about this new edition of the EXplorer II began so i decided to wait.

        On the screen this piece looks stunning, i just have to see it for real, try it on my wrist and see if i’m convinced, but definitely i’m getting one. It would be my first Rolex.

        • http://www.perpetuelle.com Perpetuelle

          Well, best wishes and I hope everything works out for you. If anything else I can do to support your efforts, please do not hesitate to reach me here or kyle [at] perpetuelle.com