Oris BC4 4e RHFS Limited Edition

Oris is no stranger to watches inspired by elite special forces units around the world (Col Moschin, Blue Angels), and here today is another one.  This one draws inspiration from one of France’s elite aviation units known as “4ème Régiment d’Hélicoptères des Forces Spéciales” or “4th Special Forces Helicopter Regiment”.   It’s a decent looking watch with an automatic mechanical movement and not much more.  Oh, it also comes with a certificate and a key ring.  Big woop.  I don’t see much appeal for this watch outside of France, but then again that’s probably by design.  No word on price.  More at the #1 Oris Community, Friends of Oris.

Oris BC4 4e RHFS

Limited Edition 1,000 pieces

42.7mm black PVD (steel) case, chronograph, black leather strap with clasp

Note that the tip of the second hand is painted with the colors of the French flag