Baselworld 2011: Grönefeld One Hertz Dune

Off the beaten path…

After the introduction of the Grönefeld One Hertz 1912 last year, exclusive timepiece maker Grönefeld introduces the One Hertz Dune — a beautiful version of the One Hertz in rose gold with a dark brown dial.  The Grönefeld One Hertz is the only wrist watch featuring an independent driven dead beat seconds.  Readers may also appreciate that Grönefeld is based in the Netherlands….as is my watch blogger friend Frank Geelen who runs Monochrome — he has been all over this one — click through for the full scoop.

Baselworld 2011 show starts this Thursday!

Grönefeld One Hertz Dune

  • Anonymous

    I would think that any watch given a “Dune” moniker should tick in an irregular manner. Nevertheless, a beautiful watch!