Baselworld 2012: TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watches

TAG Heuer insider blog Calibre 11 brings us a special first look at some great looking new Formula 1 racing watches coming in 2012 from TAG Heuer (official unveiling @ Baselworld 2012).  A fairly dramatic redesign from previous models, I immediately noticed that the new Formula 1 features a sleeker, more refined look — particularly the bezel and the case finishing (now brushed steel with some polished elements) — major positive improvements from prior models.  The hour markers are also “applied” rather than printed — another notable change that significantly improves the look of the watch.  This said, keep in mind that the TAG Heuer Formula 1 has always been an “entry-level” luxury timepiece so the movement is (and continues to be) quartz.  All in all, you are getting some nice upgrades to the series, and I expect this watch to be well received by watch enthusiasts who want “brand name” on their wrists rather than something that is horologically and mechanically interesting.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watch

42mm steel case, black or white dial

There are also other new models (chronograph, alarm watch), which you should check out over at Calibre 11.

  • Umer K Sharif

    So people only buy a TAG F1 because it’s a brand name?

    I’ve worn mine for years and have abused it. It’s been dropped on concrete, hit brick walls, hit by a cricket ball. It might not be mechanically interesting, but it’s from a trusted company and looks pretty smart too.

    I don’t think my Hermés or either of my Panerais would take HALF the abuse it has.

    • Perpetuelle

      Hi @twitter-267368509:disqus — I’m not trying to knock TAG.  I’ve owned my TAG Heuer Professional for 14 years now and I have put it through the same abuses and daily wear.  And I still love it and wear it almost daily.  But the fact is that the movement in the new F1 is a quartz (not even Swiss quartz), and a lot of what you are paying for in a TAG Heuer is its brand name.  Same can be said for many watches, but in this I particular case I think if you strip TAG Heuer logo off the dial it might not be so appealing to folks.  thanks for the comment.

  • Andy T

    Take the brand name off a lot of watches and they won’t be worth half as much.  Also fine horology isn’t worth much to most people (else everyone would be wearing Pateks, JLCs and other darling brands) and in fact can be a liability if you want something tough, sporting and robust. Personally I think these have lost a bit of the TAG F1 “look” and now seem a bit generic, although the ones with the black bezel still look like part of the family.

    Oh, and Perpetuelle is wrong – Ronda is as Swiss as ETA is. Just because it’s quartz…?

    • Perpetuelle

      @twitter-153392502:disqus thanks for your comments, beauty always in the eye of the beholder.  re: taking off logo…as I said “Same can be said for many watches…”  Good catch on the Ronda being Swiss — fixed it.

      • Andy T

        Fair point – missed that!

        Went to see a few of them today – local boutique has a handful in. The new alarm is practically the same as the old but I do like the new PVD bezels, an improvement I think.  Rest of it, just a gentle update I reckon.

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