Baselworld 2010: It’s (almost) On!

Already?  Yes, already.

While Baselworld 2010 is not officially “on” until March 18, what is on are the Baselworld pre-releases.  Yes, yes, SIHH and Geneva Time Exhibition just ended (did you miss our coverage?) but don’t blame me for this breakneck pace!  In fact in what I can best describe as a “steal their thunder” moment, it was no sooner than SIHH had started did the Baselworld “pre-releases” starting coming out.  I had to laugh because of the all too convenient timing of these pre-releases, but hey, it’s a competitive world out there, and I would be doing the same thing to if I had a brand to market.  It’s all about the share of mind, and any little thing a watch brand can do to distract from their competitor’s message in favor of their own, well….that translates into $$$ when it is all said and done.

So….you can expect to start seeing the Baselworld 2010 previews here on First In Watches starting now and continuing over the next couple months.  I, and perhaps some of my esteemed colleagues, will be bringing you new watches from famous (and hoping to be famous) brands in what is to be a small taste of what is to come the week of March 18, 2010.

Anyway, stay tuned – the good times will continue to roll here on First In Watches where we will bring you all the new 2010 releases from Baselworld just like we did for SIHHCome to think of it, I already shared a Baselworld 2010 pre-release with you way back in December – do you remember the Corum Admiral’s Cup Minute Repeater Tourbillon 45?  If not then click through and have a look.


  • DC


    Nice preview- you’ve inspired me to write a preview on TAG Heuer/ Basel.

    If you’re going, I hope to meet you there.


    • Kyle

      Hi David,
      Thanks – I read your TAG Heuer / Basel preview. I will not be there this year, but in any event I do hope to meet some day.
      Have fund / Enjoy the show!