Baselworld 2011: ARMIN Racing Chronograph Black

Armin Strom is a brand I wish I would feature more often here on the blog.  While I have written several articles about Armin Strom watches, including my video/photo review of the totally awesome Armin Strom Blue Chip Skeleton, the brand has generally flown under the radar in recent years.  However, this seems to be changing – and for a brand with such a rich heritage (stemming from its Founder/namesake), this is a good thing.  The brand has “manufacture” status with fairly extensive in-house capabilities (announced its ARM09 movement last year), and it recently signed a high profile F1 partnership with Marussia Virgin Racing which should also be good for visibility.  The Marussia Virgin Racing partnership brings me to today — and a look at the new ARMIN Racing Chronograph featuring one of the best designed chrono dials I recall seeing in quite some time.

ARMIN Racing Chronograph Black

Limited Edition 500 pieces

44.4 mm black PVD titanium case (13.85mm thick), automatic mechanical movement, high-tech leather+rubber strap in black/red, with PVD-coated titanium ardillon buckle

The dial design on the ARMIN Racing Chronograph is very, very nicely done (see close-up below) — one of the best chrono dials I have seen in recent years.  Note the circular finishing near the outer edge of the dial, nicely integrated sponsor mentions, left-hand placement of the circular date window, lack of cut-off-numerals — it all comes together very harmoniously:

Stay tuned there’s more — In conjunction with the Virgin partnership, Armin Strom AG has developed a collection of three exclusive timekeepers, all custom-built for motor racing, with titanium or stainless steel cases and with the Marussia Virgin Racing team colours.  In addition to the Racing Chrono shown above, the collection also includes the ARMIN Racing One Week with the ARM09 Manufacture movement (limited to 40 pieces) and the ARMIN Racing Regulator with the ASRO7 movement (limited to 100 pieces).  Can’t wait to see the new ASR07 movement and the Racing Regulator!


High-tech leather and rubber strap in black/red, with PVD-coated titanium ardillon buckle
  • Randy

    Slightly reminiscent of Ferrari’s overpriced quartz paddock watches.

    • Perpetuelle

      Haha — really?
      Both on the inside and outside these watches are so far beyond the Ferrari Quartz paddock watches I don’t even know where to begin. For the money, I think Armin Strom are some of the best you can buy — watch my review of the $18k Skeleton Chrono and show me a better watch for the money at the price point.

      • Perpetuelle

        ps – thanks for the comment!