Well, you already know About Us, so let’s just cut to the chase here.  Perpetuelle delivers a not-insignificant number of impressions each month, with seasonally high readership during the annual SIHH (January) and Baselworld (April-ish) trade shows each year.  We figured “hey, let’s monetize that a bit if we can, shall we?”  And so here we are.  Ok, so we’re not exactly Hodinkee with an impression count in the millions (those guys are something special, aren’t they?!), but we have a loyal audience and we are a trusted, valued voice for a lot of high-end watch enthusiasts and collectors.  

So….if you want to put you or your client’s brand in front of a desirable audience of affluent watch owners, collectors & enthusiasts, perhaps we can help.  So long as you don’t prefer unnecessarily complicated business dealings (we like to keep it simple here!).

  • Average age: 40 years, 96% Male
  • Household income (HHI) $150,000+ per year (Source:  Martini Media Network)

Believe it or not, our words even influence a purchase decision here and there (feel-good Testimonials-yay!), for whatever that’s worth.


And that’s it.  If you want in on a bit of our watch mojo, you may contact Kyle ( and we’ll see what we can do on the advertising front.