Welcome to Perpetuelle!  Featuring the latest and greatest luxury and avant-garde timepieces, Perpetuelle is  one of the most widely read wristwatch publications in the world.   Our eye for detail and our in-depth knowledge of the high-end wristwatch segment have made Perpetuelle an authoritative voice and key influencer for a global audience of affluent watch owners, collectors & enthusiasts.

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Our Name
The name “Perpetuelle”  is derived from, and shared with, the world’s first self-winding watch:  the perpétuelle.  The perpétuelle was invented by distinguished watchmaker A.L. Breguet in 1780.  Perpetuelle.com is thus proud to be “First In Watches, for the Second Time”.

Team Perpetuelle — Bringing you the latest and greatest on a daily basis…

Kyle Stults, Founder & Executive Editor
Kyle is the Founder and driving force behind Perpetuelle. Kyle’s vision and endless passion to help watch owners, collectors, and enthusiasts discover the latest and greatest luxury and avant-garde watches has propelled Perpetuelle to the forefront of next-generation watch media. Kyle’s candid and insightful writing style has earned him the respect of watch collectors and enthusiasts around the world and made him a trusted influencer in this market.Kyle is also a finance and investment professional, with 15 years experience spanning corporate finance (biotechnology industry), venture capital, and entrepreneurial endeavours.Email Kyle

Words to Live By

“The Best is good enough for me.”
–Bill Daniels, Cable Industry pioneer

“Might as well have the best.”
–C. C. Filson, Outdoorsman and Sportsman

James Bond, Special Events Correspondent
James is Perpetuelle’s “Field Agent”, providing select coverage of special events and products launches. From his presence at intimate dealer events to the Watch Fairs and more, James is rarely seen in anything but bespoke.Words to Live By“EON – Everything Or Nothing”