SIHH 2015…

Redesigne Lange 1 with new caliber - Perpetuelle

The last bit of news coming out of SIHH 2015 that I wanted to cover regarding A. Lange & Söhne is the new Lange 1.  Having been the brand’s face since its presentation in 1994, the Lange 1 has now received an update that reflects the horological experience accrued during a period of more than 20 years.  Aside from the brand new caliber L121.1 (the 50th caliber in Lange’s portfolio of in-house movements), the remaining changes are subtle.  Largely unchanged as regards its iconic design, the second generation is endowed with a slightly narrower bezel and a new manually wound calibre.  Another upgrade is the instantaneous jumping outsize date which advances precisely at midnight.

Below is a concise run-down on the new Lange 1, by Lange’s Head of Research & Development, Tino Bobe.

And you can check out my full introduction of the entire A. Lange 2015 collection, right here.

The “remade” Lange 1, explained by A. Lange & Söhne’s Head of R&D

A look at the new Lange Cal 121.1 — its 50th in-house caliber

A Lange Caliber L121.1 - Perpetuelle

Ralph Lauren Safari Chronometer (with two new dials)
by Adam Soshnick on January 27, 2015

SIHH 2015…

ralph lauren safari chronometer khaki dial 1

Last year, Ralph Lauren introduced the standard Safari Chronometer and wowed fans with remarkable restraint coupled with unique design. This year, the brand builds off of the same template and unveils two familiar, yet wildly different, variations of a preexisting watch.

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Christophe Claret Aventicum Watch (with Mini Film)
by Kyle Stults on January 26, 2015

Paying homage to Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius…and the mirrored parabolic reflector!

Christophe Claret Aventicum hologram view - Perpetuelle

Christophe Claret’s passion for history has inspired him to create Aventicum, named after the the capital of ancient Roman Helvetia.  And also a watch whose primary “statement” is less about telling the time and more about its other unique attributes.  You see, Aventicum features a miniature (just a few millimeters), micro-engraved gold bust of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, magnified and presented in the center of the dial with the help of an ingenious optical device known as a mirascope.

An example of a mirascope

mirascope illusion

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Vacheron Constantin Harmony Dual Time Cal 2460DT
by Kyle Stults on January 24, 2015

SIHH 2015…

Vacheron Consantin Harmony Dual Time duo - Perpetuelle

Having taken you through the ultra-exclusive flagship pieces in Vacheron Constantin’s new Harmony collection, there are a couple additional pieces I wanted to run through.  The Harmony Dual Time, with new Caliber 2460DT, is one of them.  Vacheron Constantin has put forth three references of the new dual time watch:  two for men (Dual Time Ref 7810S/000G-B050 (white gold) and 7810S/000R-B051(pink gold)), and one for women (Dual Time Ref 7805S/000G-B052.  Let’s take a closer look.

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