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Patek 5004T titanium

Titanium Patek Philippe Watches: A Compendium

Patek Philippe does not make watches in titanium – or do they?   YES, they do.  But titanium Patek Philippe references are rare specimens, their existence generally known to very few, their production only for very exclusive clients or to support charitable causes.  This is official compendium, a Perpetuelle exclusive report, is an update to my May […]

Titanium Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5396T dial detail - Perpetuelle

The 5396T, Another Elusive Titanium Patek Philippe

Do you know how many titanium-cased Patek Philippe watches exist?  This is the tenth such Patek that I’ve now documented (see link to my Titanium Patek Philippe compendium at the bottom of this post).  It is a titanium Patek Philippe, bearing reference 5396T (“T” for titanium) specially designed for Children Action, a Geneva-based charitable organization […]

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Frederique Constant Manufacture Heart Beat 4 - Perpetuelle

Double Take: Frederique Constant Manufacture Heart Beat (Hands-On)

In a short span of only 20 years, Frederique Constant has come remarkably close to becoming a full-fledged manufacture for each and every one of its watches. Slowly but surely, the brand has supplemented existing production, which was initially based heavily upon ETA calibers, with works of art coveted by the watch community—that is, exclusive […]

GoS Watches Nordic Seasons Summer watch - Perpetuelle

A Look at Damascus Steel Watches, by GoS Watches of Scandinavia (Video)

At Baselworld a couple years ago I met with Patrik Sjögren, Co-Founder & Watchmaker at GoS Watches, maker of “Scandinavian watches” and have been following the brand ever since.  I am probably remiss in not writing about GoS watches more often — a small, independent brand, GoS puts out some really spectacular watches that are […]

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